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Hot  Yin Yoga: weekly, 6 pm Monday, Circusoul  ON HOLD


Yin yoga, based on the meridian system that is the heart of Chinese Medicine, goes beyond lengthening the muscles into compassionately opening the mysfoascia and gently stressing the connective tissue around and inside the joints. Long holds of basic poses indispersed with active and passive rest allows fuller access to the connective tissue and lasting structural evolution. This quiet yoga will guide you deeper into your body and your practice by allowing you to experience the dynamism of stillness. Perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

Hot Vinyasa Yoga weekly, 6pm Thursday, Circusoul  ON HOLD

Find your flow and work up a mindful sweat in infrared heat with slow flow Vinyasa Yoga at CircuSoul. Vinyasa is a high energy, strong flow practice: expect to sweat and challenge your strength, balance, and determination.

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