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I am a board and state certified acupuncture physician and herbologist, teacher of yoga, and former professor of writing with a love for mid-century antiques, snow dogs, and Victorian literature. I journeyed my way to yoga after a childhood spent on the ice and in ballet studios. In yoga, I found a safe and sacred space to address the resultant injuries, disordered eating, and exercise addiction while learning to hold space for the physical and emotional pain of others. 


I received my MA in Literature from the University of South Florida, my MSOM/BS from East West College of Natural Medicine,  and my Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification from Fred Busch at Miami Power Yoga. I'm currently studying yin yoga with Master Paulie Zink, pursuing another 100 hours with his Yin Yoga Institute. I try to routinely spend time with inspirational teachers like Fred Busch, Nelda Barba, Joe Barnett, and Kathryn Budig.


I am always writing about yoga, particularly as it relates to anatomy: you can find my books on Amazon. I believe yoga should be practiced and taught with a full awareness of the sacredness of both practice and practitioner. My ideal yoga class is meditative and gentle: it should embrace balance, release grace and uncover strength. Life is a dance and yoga is only one of the many ways in which we move with the breath of the universe.

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