I always found it difficult to breathe. Being cued to simply breathe deep in yoga classes just made me frustrated. So when my teacher, Fred Busch, taught me a basic, easy way to find fuller breath, I never let it go.

The most life changing thing for me was learning to integrate complete, balanced, smooth breath into my daily existence, using awareness and control of my breath to replace my focus on intrusive thoughts or sensations.


I hope it helps you too!

B's Balanced Basics for Basic B's Yoga Video

This is a vinyasa-ish yoga class designed to cultivate functional flexibility in all levels of practitioner.


It’s here to let you in on a dirty little secret: that most yoga teachers, myself included, LOVE a basic yoga class. In fact, our home practices tend to look pretty basic, as we use foundational shapes and movements to build strength for the bigger, more glamorous poses.

In fact, I struggled with my personal practice until I found this combination of yoga, strength training, functional conditioning and barre, designed to build usable range of motion and strong flexibility.

It will give you some strategies to cultivate strength to pave the way for any styles or levels of yoga you may want to explore in the future.

But I bet you’ll find yourself back here, embracing the basics.

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